||| Projects and research

Research projects (funded by the Slovene research agency)

Current research projects

Past projects

  • Holistic approach to business and human rights: a normative reform of Slovenian and international legal order (2019-2020; webpage)
  • Integral Theory of Future of the European Union (2019-2020; webpage)
  • Interreligious Dialogue – a Basis for Coexisting Diversity in the Light of Migration and the Refugee Crisis (2018-2021; more info)
  • Rethinking cosmic justice (2017-2020; more info)
  • Religion as a factor of morality and intercultural dialogue (2014-2017; webpage)
  • Fulbright grant 2015: Moral Intuitionism and Current Issues in Metaethics (with Terry Horgan, University of Arizona; Council for International Exchange of Scholars, Washington D.C.; more info)
  • Animal ethics as a paradigm of sustainable development ethics (2010-2013; more info)
  • Dialogue in the Global Multicultural Society (2011-2014; more info)
International projects (EU funded)

Current and past projects

  • Plato’s EU: Philosophical Learning Applied To Online Surroundings in EU (webpage)
  • EDUC8 to build resilience – an interdisciplinary, multi-track project conceptualised to build resilience in children and young people against radicalisation and polarisation through religious education (webpage)
  • INTEGRITY: Empowering students through evidence-based, scaffolded learning of Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR; H2020 project); http://h2020integrity.eu/
  • SHOUT: Social Sciences and Humanities in intersectoral Outreach for better education and sustainable innovations (Erasmus+ KA3 project), more coming soon…
  • LITTLE: Learn Together to Live Together (Erasmus+ KA2); http://ethicaleducation.eu/

  • International project ETHIKA: Ethics and values education in schools and kindergartens (Erasmus+ KA2); več: www.ethics-education.eu