Vojko Strahovnik

Vojko Strahovnik, PhD, Assistant Professor and Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Theology; 2016 – Fulbright visiting scholar at Universty of Arizona, Department of Philosophy and visiting lecturer there in the Fall semester 2017/2018.

Graduated from history and philosophy in 2003 at the University of Ljubljana (History BA thesis: “The Problem of Narrative in History”; Philosophy BA thesis: “Moral Particularism”); 2005-2008 junior researcher at Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2008 PhD in Philosophy (thesis: Moral intuitionism, particularism and contemporary metaethics); 2008-2012 head of research unit at IPAK institute and researcher at Science and Research Centre (University of Primorska) with research project on animal ethics; 2010-: assistant professor at Faculty for Government and European Studies and European Faculty of Law in Nova Gorica; currently researcher at Faculty of Theology (University of Ljubljana) and head of Chair for legal theory and ethics in public life at Faculty of Government and European Studies. Editor of the Philosophy in Dialogue/Philosophie im Dialog book series at LIT Verlag (Berlin).

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Areas (and topics) of special interest: metaethics (moral phenomenology, error theory, expressivism, intuitionism, particularism), normative ethics (models of pluralism), applied ethics (medical bioethics, ethics of public administration, ethics and public policy), epistemology (contextualism), history of philosophy (Slovene phenomenological tradition), legal philosophy, logic and argumentation.


Moralna teorija. O naravi moralnosti 〈Moral Theory. The Nature of Morality〉 (Aristej, Maribor 2016) Buy! / Croatian translation: Moralna teorija. O prirodi moralnosti (Naklada Lara, Zagreb, 2018) Buy!

Moralne sodbe, intuicija in moralna načela 〈Moral Judgment, Intuition and Moral Principles〉 (IPAK, Velenje 2009); Croatian translation: Moralni sudovi, intuicija i moralna načela, Zagreb: Naklada Lara, 2019 (Buy!).

Challenging Moral Particularism (Routledge, New York 2008)

NDPR review; Buy!

Practical Contexts (Ontos-Verlag, Frankfurt 2004)

Teaching experience
• Faculty of Arts and Humanities (University of Ljubljana): Logic and argumentation (BA), Moral theory (BA), Moral philosophy (BA), Ethics and moral theory (MA)
• Faculty of Theology (University of Ljubljana): Moral theory (PhD)
• Academy of Music (University of Ljubljana): Aesthetics (BA);
• European Faculty of Law in Nova Gorica: Legal philosophy and legal theory (MA);
• Faculty of Government and European Studies: Ethics in public administration (BA), Philosopical and social aspects of churches, religious communities and freedom of religion (BA), Ethics and public policy (MA).

Reviewer: Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Acta Analytica, Synthesis Philosophica, Filozofska istraživanja, Annales, Revus, Analiza, Dignitas, etc.


Selected papers (only works in English)

Core and Ancillary Epistemic Virtues (with Terry Horgan in Matjaž Potrč), Acta Analytica, 2018.
“Phenomenological Objectivity and Moral Theory”, Synthesis Philosophica, 2014, 29(1), pp. 159-173.
“Global justice and agents of hospitality”. Annales, Series historia et sociologia, 2015, 25(2), pp. 253-262,
“Moral dilemmas and vagueness”, Acta Analytica, 2013, 28(2), pp. 207-222.
• “Legal positivism and the defeasibility of legal norms”, Dignitas, 2013, 59/60, pp. 219-234.
• “Raz on reasons, principles and guiding”, Dignitas, 2011, 49/50, pp. 118-131.
• “Corporations as agents of global justice”, in J. Černič Letnar & T. van Ho (eds), Human rights and business: direct corporate accountability for human rights, Oisterwijk: Wolf Legal Publishers, 2015, pp. 161-178.
“The difficulty of animal question”, Poligrafi – Living with Consequences, 2013, 18(69/70), pp. 135-158.
• “Globalization, Globalized Ethics and Moral Theory”, Synthesis Philosophica, 48 (2/2009), pp. 209-218.
• “Moral dilemmas, conflict of duties and intuitionist notion of prima facie duty”, v: J. Juhant in B. Žalec (eds) Person and Good, Münster: Lit Verlag, pp. 241–53.
• “Meinongian Scorekeeping“, Meinong Studien (Alexious-Meinong Institut, Graz; Alfred Schramm (ed.), 2005), Vol. 1. Band 1. pp. 309-330.
• “Ethics, science and naturalism: Virtue ethics meets social psychology”, v: J. Juhant, B. Žalec (eds) On Cultivating Faith and Science – Reflections on Two Key Topics of Modern Ethics, Lit-Verlag: Berlin 2007, pp. 203-21.

• “Justification in Context“, Acta Analytica, Spring 2005, 20(2), pp. 91-104.
• “The Riddle of aesthetic principles“, Acta Analytica 2004, 33, pp. 189-208.
• “Metaphysics: Ultimate and Regional Ontology”, Inf. Filosofica, I/2004, 1, pp. 21-45.
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